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Ginger Lily

GINGER Lily Lifestyle is a platform to share the healthy lifestyle information to the public. We care about the wellbeing and how to live a quality life disregards your body condition.


We source high quality healthy lifestyle products from around the world and offers to public through its e-shop platform. Products are either niche or first launch in Hong Kong with safety certificate and evidence-base proof.


GINGER Lily Lifestyle is wholly owned by GINGER Knowledge Transfer and Consultancy Limited(GINGER). For more information about GINGER, please visit



GINGER Lily 生活百貨是一個分享健康生活資訊的平台。 我們專注人類的健康和生活的質素。




轉型知識轉移及顧問公司(轉型)全資擁有GINGER Lily 生活百貨。 如想了解更多有關轉型,請到以下網址

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