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“Herb Queen”, Rowena, has worked in organic herb cultivation and culinary education for more than 10 years. In addition to herbs research, she develops organic urban farming and promotes "Green Living Area."


香草女皇 Rowena 從事香草有機種植和烹飪教育超過 10 年。除了研究香草之外,還發展城市有機耕種,推廣「綠色生活圈」。

I highly recommend the herb that is the lovely "Basil". It hates cold; likes sunshine. It is better to sow in a warm spring. It is a culinary expert, also the effectiveness of both inside and outside for our body. Intestinal parasites can be driven by eating it. Planting near the plants that it drove such whitefly, aphids and flies, also kitchen flies.
The second is a forgotten herb - "Ginger." When planting together with it, the plants are almost no pest, even ant. It can prevent from nausea and treat for indigestion, etc. Moreover, adding ginger juice into hot water and inhaling the vapor that can cure a cold. It also hates cold, suitable for starting to plant in spring; then harvesting in winter. I recommend the ginger to plant that is "little ginger". It is small, but stems and leaves have strong taste.

我首推是萬千寵愛的「 羅勒 Basil 」,又名金不換、九層塔等。它怕冷,喜長日照,所以適合在暖和的春天播種。它既是烹飪高手,功效也內外兼備。吃了可驅趕腸道寄生蟲;種植也可為鄰近植物驅趕粉虱,蚜蟲和果蠅,還有廚房蒼蠅。


第二是被遺忘的香草——「 薑 Ginger 」。與薑同種的植物,絕少蟲害,連螞蟻都沒有行近。它除可止噁、消化不良等,還可把薑汁加入熱水,再吸入蒸汽,能治感冒。它同樣怕冷,適合在春天下種,冬天收採。推薦大家種植的是「小黃薑」,體積少,莖葉味強。


What kinds of herb should plant for repelling pests in spring?


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